Molecular and cellular mechanisms of the first social relationship: A conserved role of
LKB1 is physiologically required for sleep from Drosophila melanogaster to the Mus musculus
STE20 phosphorylation of AMPK related kinases revealed by biochemical purifications combined with genetics
Biochemical purification uncovers mammalian sterile 3 (MST3) as a new protein kinase for
Molecular resolution of a behavioral paradox: sleep and arousal are regulated by distinc
Heritability of human visual contour integration—an integrated genomic study
The First Hormone: Adrenaline
D-Serine Made by Serine Racemase in Drosophila Intestine Plays a Physiological Role in Sleep
Chemoconnectomics: Mapping Chemical Transmission in Drosophila
Genomic Analyses of Visual Cognition: Perceptual Rivalry and Top-Down Control
Multi-level genomic analyses suggest new genetic variants involved in human memory
Thermoregulation-Independent Regulation of Sleep by Serotonin Revealed in Mice Defective in Serotonin Synthesis
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