The First Hormone: Adrenaline
D-Serine Made by Serine Racemase in Drosophila Intestine Plays a Physiological Role in Sleep
Chemoconnectomics: Mapping Chemical Transmission in Drosophila
Genomic Analyses of Visual Cognition: Perceptual Rivalry and Top-Down Control
Multi-level genomic analyses suggest new genetic variants involved in human memory
Thermoregulation-Independent Regulation of Sleep by Serotonin Revealed in Mice Defective in Serotonin Synthesis
Nature vs. nurture in human sociality: multi-level genomic analyses of social conformity
Sleep homeostasis regulated by 5HT2b receptor in a small subset of neurons in the dorsal fan-shaped body of drosophila
Cue-independent memory impairment by reactivation-coupled interference in human declarative memory
Serotonin signaling in the brain of adult female mice is required for sexual preference
Molecular Genetic Analysis of Sexual Rejection: Roles of Octopamine and Its Receptor OAMB in Drosophila Courtship Conditioning
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